Our son Noah has just started to sleep through the night. Much hard work has been done and many prayers said, we even spent time at a live-in 24/7 Baby Sleep Centre for a week and it seems that Noah is settling into the groove of sleeping (mostly). I love this photo of Dan and I’s sleep sanctuary (in our old house) – I might go and have a nap :)


Searching the beach for treasures and finding driftwood, shells, washed up old thongs, feathers and well worn rocks is a joy that I love to indulge in when I’m at the beach. Our car gets full of sand and bags of beach combed objects after a holiday at the beach! Pure joy :)

Chalkboard Love

I’m really enjoying writing messages on our chalkboard that is in our lounge room. Formerly being a primary school teacher I love chalk!! I saw a great idea on a blog where you blackboard paint your fridge. We have an awesome fridge that my parents gave us and I think having it blackboard painted would make it even better:) We could write shopping lists, write the dinner menu on it, messages, inspirational quotes, Noah could draw on it…. the uses for a chalkboard fridge are endless!

Lambswool Joy

The other day Noah and I went opshopping at this great new opshop I found. To my joy I found some great summer dresses and this great lambswool vest for Noah. It is so toasty! I was initially buying it for the medieval festival next year – but if fits him already:) Noah looks like he could be an extra in a medieval film!


Birthdays are such special time. This is my dad John. He is great man, so very creative, intelligent and generous. This is a photo of his 65th birthday. He had a bit of trouble blowing out the sparklers! Cherish those you love. May they know the beauty they bring to your life.

Simple beauty

Ahhh… flowers are such a simple beauty in our world. I remember a friend shared with me once that when she was going through a particularly difficult time she would remember to thank God for the flowers. Flowers are something in our world, that bloom under so many different circumstances: on the most remote mountain peak, the harshest desert, on the median strip on a busy road and in a garden bed that is lovingly tended to. We too can bloom and bring forth beauty in our world no matter where we are in life….enjoy the flowers and if you have time smell them too:)