Op Shop Treasures

I love the endless possibilities that are found in an op shop. To me its like a treasure hunt and you just never know what you are going to get. It is so much better than going to a huge shopping center where everything is new and nothing yet has a story. In the above picture everything was found in an op shop apart from the painting:) Each one brings a joy and reminds me of God’s beauty and creative genius. The retro pressed metal picture of the girl praying reminds me to send my prayers and thoughts to God who listens and is waiting……and the West German vases remind me of the creative genius of talented craftspeople who produced these vases that are very collectible:) I love to think about the story behind objects found at op shops. Recently my mother discovered a really beautiful leather travel bag at an op shop that had been well traveled. She delved into one of the pockets of the bag and found a letter addressed to the former owner with really special messages! It truly is a treasure hunt:)
Last year, I found an old globe for my husband Daniel for a present and someone many years before had written on the wooden base, “To Mark, Daniel and Sally, With Love from Oma and Opa”. I wonder who they were and what is their story…..well another Daniel owns it now!

Birdy delight!

I know this isn’t the best picture – but this beautiful beaded bird made its way onto my fridge with a lovely note from my lovely friend Esther. Such a simple beauty – a happy sparrow that brightens many days. Thanks so much Esther!

Mr Fish

This is our pet fish otherwise known as, “Mr Fish” or “Bert”. Although he doesn’t do much other than eat fish food and swim around all day, he brings joy to our family. As one of God’s creation, we enjoy his presence in our home and my son loves to observe all of Mr Fish’s goings on. The highlight of the day for Mr Fish is feeding time, that reminds me I must go and feed him!

Rays of Light

This is our bathroom window. In the afternoons the sunlight fills the room and casts reflections. Simple beauty – light and life….
“All good gifts come down from the Father of lights…..”


Searching the beach for treasures and finding driftwood, shells, washed up old thongs, feathers and well worn rocks is a joy that I love to indulge in when I’m at the beach. Our car gets full of sand and bags of beach combed objects after a holiday at the beach! Pure joy :)

Simple beauty

Ahhh… flowers are such a simple beauty in our world. I remember a friend shared with me once that when she was going through a particularly difficult time she would remember to thank God for the flowers. Flowers are something in our world, that bloom under so many different circumstances: on the most remote mountain peak, the harshest desert, on the median strip on a busy road and in a garden bed that is lovingly tended to. We too can bloom and bring forth beauty in our world no matter where we are in life….enjoy the flowers and if you have time smell them too:)

Saturdays in the mountains

There is a beautiful mountain town outside the city we live in. It is such a treat to have time to spend with my dear ones, enjoying time in the cafes, having a picnic and going for a bush walk. Truly perfect days here on earth.
“This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it….”