A little bit crafty…

It’s true! (Thanks Debbie for the lovely badge!)

The other Friday night I gathered with some crafty lasses and had a great night of sipping tea, chatting, being inspired and working on our various crafty projects!

…some cute birdies in progress by the talented Catherine…

…check out some more of her crafty creations at her blog, Beautiful Life

What are some of your crafty projects or ideas you have on the go?

The week that was…

Its been an eventful week (even though I set out to have a “quiet week”:)…
Noah and I made a large herd of elephants…

We spent the day at the beach…it was bliss…so great to be in the great outdoors!

A small miracle occurred on Monday afternoon… as Noah and I were dancing around:), Noah tripped and fell backwards and fell into the glass window pane (in the photo above)…the glass shattered and shards flew out in all directions…it is a miracle Noah wasn’t injured…

We also said goodbye to our beloved fighting fish “Bert Number 2″…after finding Noah staring at Bert for ages, Noah tells Dan, “Bert’s not working Daddy”. The next day after a goodbye to Bert Noah tells me, “Mummy, Bert needs new batteries.” It is going to be awhile until Bert gets new batteries…but I have good news! Bert’s replacement is going to be a cute little Crayfish!


A little bit random :)

Here is a little bag I sewed to hold some arty goods to give to an aspiring artist…

…a very cute shop I happened upon in Bangalow called “A Little Peach” where I purchased a wind-up jumping bambi :)

…I’m loving roast beetroot and sweet potato salad, with baby spinach, goat’s fetta and pine nuts….and lamb cutlets!

…some little gifts I made…

What’s random in your world at the moment??

La Petite Lulu…

My lovely sister Luana has just opened an etsy store called La Petite Lulu!
Go and check it out! She is selling beautiful toys…some knitted…some sewn and all so cute! Luana also has a special offer at the moment – free postage!!

Above is “Ollie the buccaneer, a sword fighting, parrot-less pirate who is yet to walk the plank!”

Meet Birgitta….”Birgitta is a Scandinavian sweetheart who loves simplicity and spends much of her time reading interior design magazines and shopping at Ikea.”

Meet Herr Rooster… “a serious type, a high school principal who loves his morning routine of a double espresso & reading The New York Times.”

Above is Bramble and Willowfly…beautiful woodland fairies…that Lu knitted and I happily have snapped up! Well done, Lu…you are a wonderful talented woman!

Like a phoenix rising…

Like a phoenix rising
and circling overhead
Looking down upon the
fire and the ashes and the devastation that was wrought

It rises up in strength and glides high above,
stronger, full of freedom, new life, grace and love

That which was to cause death
God has used it for good
Life has been restored
Freedom has been won

Like a phoenix rising in strength and dignity
My life has been restored and from death I am free

As I look upon my future
I see joy and hope and life
and like a phoenix rising from the ashes and the soot
is a life renewed in strength and dignity to rise above and soar

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil;
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff they comfort me.

I had heard of you God by the hearing of the ear,
but now my eyes have seen you.
Job 42:5

Beauty surrounds….

In all different places…like matching Nepalese hats…

…in paper bunting…which is always a beautiful sight…

…in handmade toys lovingly made by my very clever sister Luana…

…and in a blue bird swinging in the trees…

What things are beautiful in your world today?

In the springtime…part 2

Our day of simple doings continued with a promise of building a cubby after an afternoon nap….
To my surprise Noah woke up after his nap saying, “Make a cubby?”

Finding dandelions :)

Noah made a mud pit of his “garden” and enjoyed jumping and rolling in the mud :)

Our day of simple doings ended with showing Dan, the “Grandad John” Noah had made (with a bit of help!) and the essential accessory for Grandad John is his mower!

“Do not despise the days of small things…”

In the springtime…part 1

I love days full of simple doings… where there is no rush to be anywhere and the day is mine to enjoy with no expectations.
Tuesday was like this for me this week….I had a little more energy than I have had for the past little while so I couldn’t wait to make some things with Noah.
The first stop was to use up the browning bananas on the bench and make them into banana bread.

The next stop in my day of simple doings was to help Noah construct an aeroplane…

With a very jolly pilot :)

Our next stop was to enjoy some banana bread…