Home Cafe

There is a great cafe not far from where we live called “Home”. It has such yummy food, homewares and its very child friendly. Kids get there own “kiddy” cups and it even has a playroom. Above is a photo of some delicious toasted banana bread with pitachio and ricotta butter. Yum!

Op Shop Treasures

I love the endless possibilities that are found in an op shop. To me its like a treasure hunt and you just never know what you are going to get. It is so much better than going to a huge shopping center where everything is new and nothing yet has a story. In the above picture everything was found in an op shop apart from the painting:) Each one brings a joy and reminds me of God’s beauty and creative genius. The retro pressed metal picture of the girl praying reminds me to send my prayers and thoughts to God who listens and is waiting……and the West German vases remind me of the creative genius of talented craftspeople who produced these vases that are very collectible:) I love to think about the story behind objects found at op shops. Recently my mother discovered a really beautiful leather travel bag at an op shop that had been well traveled. She delved into one of the pockets of the bag and found a letter addressed to the former owner with really special messages! It truly is a treasure hunt:)
Last year, I found an old globe for my husband Daniel for a present and someone many years before had written on the wooden base, “To Mark, Daniel and Sally, With Love from Oma and Opa”. I wonder who they were and what is their story…..well another Daniel owns it now!

A very special island

I’m very blessed to live on the world’s largest island. One of the smaller islands not far from where I live is called Stradbroke Island. It is a very magical place to go for holidays. Earlier this year, I spent two relaxing weeks enjoying all the island had to offer: bushwalking, surf, swimming, the best gelati in the world (well on the island!), God’s natural wonders and a very slow pace of life.
I can’t wait to go back soon for another holiday!


Searching the beach for treasures and finding driftwood, shells, washed up old thongs, feathers and well worn rocks is a joy that I love to indulge in when I’m at the beach. Our car gets full of sand and bags of beach combed objects after a holiday at the beach! Pure joy :)

Lambswool Joy

The other day Noah and I went opshopping at this great new opshop I found. To my joy I found some great summer dresses and this great lambswool vest for Noah. It is so toasty! I was initially buying it for the medieval festival next year – but if fits him already:) Noah looks like he could be an extra in a medieval film!

Saturdays in the mountains

There is a beautiful mountain town outside the city we live in. It is such a treat to have time to spend with my dear ones, enjoying time in the cafes, having a picnic and going for a bush walk. Truly perfect days here on earth.
“This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it….”

New Hairstyle:)

I am getting my haircut next week and I have been trying to think up a great new do, I have found what I want! My son Noah’s hair got a little bit electric at the park yesterday!


I bought this card at a really a great fair the other day that had so many creative stallholders. I particularly love the “happy sparrow” design. Merci!

Medieval Love

A few weekends ago my family donned our peasant dress and indulged in a day of medieval frivolities. It was such an inspiring and wonderful time. There were reenactors galore, jousting, knights in battle, medieval encampments and my favourite the gypsy camp. We hope to camp next year :) Hear ye, Hear ye!