Beautiful Texel Island

Today we arrived in windswept Texel Island, a Frisian Island off the coast of The Netherlands.

Our hotel…the best spot right on the beach.

We have been watching the sun set over the very cold ocean…

and been eating lots of Dutch treats….like apple pancakes:)

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Germany or Holland?

The last few days we visited family in Holland…they lived very close to the German border and as we explored different castles we weaved our way through Holland to German and back again!

Noah had had enough of photos, “No photos!”

…beautiful country tracks….

…medieval Dutch castle…

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Abbey de la Senaque

Back in the hills of Provence is this very old Abbey that was once home to an order of monks…

When the season is right the surrounding fields are blooming with lavendar.

This is a really peaceful place…a place you could come and spend a week.
Although with a toddler the vow of silence maybe hard to keep!

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Beautiful Vernazza

Last week we stayed in beautiful Vernazza part of the Cinque Terre on the Italian coast.
The Cinque Terre are five villages built into the rugged coastline and just stunning.
The photo above is the view from the restaurant we had dinner one night.

We swam, snorkelled, hiked and ate lots of pizza, pasta and gelati – and we found a great place that had very yummy Sicilian pastries!

Lots of washing lines!

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