Summer is…

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Summer is:
-early mornings and late late nights
-family trips to Southbank
-City Cat rides back home during summer storms
-swimming in our neighbours pool
-catching up with friends
-eating watermelon!
-browning bodies and freckly noses
-feeling alive and full of joy and expectation for the year that God has ahead for our family
-trips to the beach
-walking along the river while the boys ride their bikes
-feeling God’s joy as I enjoy this season
Love Martine
P.S. Thanks Tif for taking this photo!

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Just beautiful….

Dan and I had the joy of celebrating the marriage of a lovely couple last weekend.

Each detail of the day was beautiful and creative.

Beautiful spot for a party!

My great date…Dan.

Love Martine

Its beginning to look a lot like…


Huge Christmas trees!

Our tree…

Handel’s Messiah…

Party time!

At this HOT, busy time – I can’t wait for Christmas morning…opening presents, gathering with family,swimming and eating yummy food!

Love Martine



Jesus is present with love, strength and courage whatever the circumstances.

His love endures forever…Psalm 100

Love Martine


“Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story…” Psalm 107:2

Well…it was a few weeks ago now and Dan and I went for a walk near the river and past some houses I had never seen before. In amongst some mini mansions was a beautiful run down house with huge trees in the garden, a broken down fence, peeling paint – a house that could tell a story of people, children, babies…lives lived within its four walls. On the fence of the house was an old sign the simply said, “HAVEN”. 

It reminded me of how amongst all that happens in life…the storms, the sunlight, the parties, the funerals…I have a HAVEN. This HAVEN isn’t found in a house (although your house can be a haven of rest and joy)… this HAVEN isn’t found in an idyllic beach somewhere… but this HAVEN is found alone in resting in God. His infinite, boundless love…His joy…in Him alone.

I’m thankful for His peace amongst the storms of life.
I’m thankful that my life is in His loving care.
I’m thankful that He is my loving God who takes my little ones into His care.

“They cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and He brought them out of their distress. He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed. They were glad when it grew calm, and He guided them to their desired HAVEN.”
Psalm 107:28-30

My HAVEN is in Him.

Love Martine

God…the party planner?

“What if, in truth, our God is the party planner? (Didn’t he say he was preparing a wedding feast for us and building mansions in heaven?)

What if the same God who created a breathtaking garden, planned purpose and the love of family and friendship and the fulfillment of productive work, who delighted in children….

…who touched the sick and rejected, and who gave grace to the prostitutes and tax collectors is the God whose companionship we can enjoy each day?”
Sally Clarkson
(Dancing With My Father, Waterbrook Press, 2010:34)

Some thoughts from a fantastic book I have been loving, Dancing With My Father. God delights in us and even loves planning parties more than me! I’m looking forward to the great Feast with my King one day!

Love Martine



I love that God places value upon us…He sees as important, precious, His children….valuable enough to die for.

Global culture often doesn’t value that which God does… an unborn child, women, men, children, the elderly, the sick, purity, joy, peace, unity, beauty, wisdom, honor…

In whatever you are doing God sees you…He places value upon you, He has a good plan for your life…which includes a bright future with Him…
You are of great value to Him.

Love Martine

Life take 2

More life and more memories made like seeing my boys run up the hill to the beach…

Moments in time…cuddling my two year old curly haired boy…

First time flying a kite…

One cool little guy…

Strawberry Shortbread with gourmet ice-cream…
Thank you Dan for indulging my love of a sweetie treat :)

Love Martine