The cousins…

It has been great to spend some time with our families over the Christmas break and a special treat has been time with our nieces and nephews. Noah affectionately calls them “my cousins” and here are a few pictures of our recent adventures with them!

My nephew William is a character! He posted a little something on the Christmas tree (see above!) ….

He almost got what he wished for!

Noah and Byron are blessed with four loving and lovely cousins. Sophie loves to play with the boys and especially taking Byron for rides on the digger! I love that from when Byron was a newborn Sophie has confidently carried Byron around! We love you Sophie!

It has been a treat to meet little Oliver for the first time! Such a joyful boy! We love you!

Sophie is loving the digger ride…Byron is not so sure!

The infamous washing trolley! This trolley was once my Grandmother Lily’s. Its a tradition to wheel the babies around in it as it squeaks and get your photo taken in it! Byron loves a ride! Thanks Lochlan and Sophie!

Playing cowboys and Indians!

Thanks Sophie for all your help! Even feeding little guy!

Cousins such a precious gift as are nieces and nephews!

Lots of love,