To all the sleep deprived ones…

Hmmm…..if many weeks and months of sleep deprivation ensues due to teething, frequent waking and babies needing extra pacing around the house in the wee hours of the morning (that has been our last few months with sickness and a young teething baby)….

Here is a recipe to make it through the last few hours of the day (when you feel like you might fall asleep standing up :) well what I find helps….

Step 1. Get out of the house!!

Step 2. Go for a drive to a place you love to be…for me this particular afternoon, it was a drive through the bush to Samford…

Step 3. Take energetic children to the PARK (such a great community space)…you might even get a few minutes rest while energetic children burn off some energy!

Step 4. Walk laps around the park and *hope* that an overtired child falls asleep!

Step 5. Smile! Wear dark sunglasses :) and the sleep deprivation will seem to subside under the big yellow sun!

Step 6. End the day with a treat! Then you will all be smiling!



Our son Noah has just started to sleep through the night. Much hard work has been done and many prayers said, we even spent time at a live-in 24/7 Baby Sleep Centre for a week and it seems that Noah is settling into the groove of sleeping (mostly). I love this photo of Dan and I’s sleep sanctuary (in our old house) – I might go and have a nap :)