The last few weeks….

The last few weeks have been full of boxes, packing, unpacking, cleaning and shifting!!
We have embarked upon a new adventure as a family and have settled into our new house and are slowly reorientating to our new area!

In amongst all the boxes, emotion and exhaustion that comes with moving and resettling (mixed in with more gastro and Byron having a suspected case of measles) I know God’s peace and trying to take each day as a new adventure…

This cubby entertained Byron and Noah while getting jobs done!

Our spotty boy was still happy to smile for the camera! :)

Noah was loving being a “scary” tiger!

Dan and the moving truck :))

Get out the boxes and the packing tape!!

We’re shifting house this Saturday!! Ahhh….its a big job packing up all the “stuff”!
I have shifted sixteen times in my life and each shift I seem to have a little more “stuff”.
When I think about it…if all the “stuff” got lost in the shift it would be okay because really Jesus knew what He was saying when He urges us to “store up treasures in Heaven where moth and rust cannot decay….”

In amongst all the packing Noah has fitted in some time to mow the grass…it is a warm day but he insisted on wearing a t-shirt and a very large 80s style button up shirt underneath his jumper with a hoodie up!