A spot of nesting…

Hmmm…the other morning the overwhelming need to sew, bake, clean and reorganise cupboards overtook me :))
Needless to say, the nesting instinct gets alot done in a short amount of time! I made Noah a new pyjama bag – I love the cute camping material!

Of course, new shorts were needed and cot sheets too – so I whipped some up:)

…and yes more baking… :))


And then there were three….Mad dogs that is :)

A little project….that has multiplied! I wanted to sew Noah a Mad dog pooch for Christmas…then it was his birthday…still no Mad dog…then Easter and then on a sunny Saturday morning Mad dog and his siblings entered the world!!

Noah has named his new pooch Fen…

Fen has already been on a few adventures…a trip to church on Sunday and a few rides in the car but mostly he liked to be carried around. According to Noah, “Fen’s favourite thing to do is to sniff for worms….” in the garden that is! :)

My new favourite book…

Ahhh….my new favourite book…Meet Me at Mikes: 26 Crafty Projects and Things to Make by Pip Lincolne
(check out: meetmeatmikes.com).
This book has great projects from all different bloggers, with patterns and easy to follow steps…
Its just perfect for a beginner sewer like me :)

My first project is the Super-Cute Tote, “make this bag and carry it cheerily through a daisy-filled park while humming Sunny Side of the Street…..” (Lincolne, 2009:74)

The bag pieces are all cut out and ready to sew…I’m looking forward to carrying this bag cheerily through a daisy-filled park!

An Elephant Bag

My new found love of sewing has sparked so many new creative ideas in my brain! It is so exciting to see an idea become a reality. So here is another bag I have made. This time its for my nephew William for a library bag, minus Noah’s hands!