Our little road trip…

Last weekend we headed out of the city (yay!) and headed to the country. As much as I love living in the city, the country girl in me always loves getting away to quieter places where the pace slows down, the air is crisper and natural beauty abounds. Our destination was Stanthorpe, a beautiful town about three hours drive south-west of Brisbane. Amazingly the trip did take three hours on the way there (Byron slept on the way:) but on the way back it took more like five hours! The trip back we will put down to experience….its not ideal to drive a long distance with a newborn baby during their feeding hours! So after many feed spots, a few tears on Byron’s part and many “Are we nearly home yet? I really wish we were home….” from Noah, Dan and I, we finally did pull into our driveway.

Both Dan and I had never been to Stanthorpe and it was a mini adventure to explore some new spots while Dan conducted a wedding.

I took a few photos on the drive to remember the sights as we drove along….

Spectactular Cunninghams Gap…

Enjoying the open road….