A beautiful place….

Another reason why I love going out to the country to spend time at my parents place is that it is such a beautiful place. There is beauty in the countryside but everywhere I look there is beauty and creativity that inspires me and sharpens my senses inside their home. I always love to see what new creative endeavours both my parents have been up to…what new amazing finds my mum has found while she has been opshopping and it is always amazing!!

Like the chandelier! We always leave my parents house with a car full of lovely things my parents have found and feel like passing on….I also can’t resist the country opshops! There are always something special to be found and loved!!

“Creation refuses to let us ignore its Creator….”
with love, Martine

I’m so glad….

I’m so glad that boys don’t usually dress in clothes like this anymore! I bought this little one piece suit for Noah as a bit of a laugh and he sure did look funny running around in it everywhere.
I wanted to transport him back to the 1950s :) Dress ups are always fun:)

A Christmas barrow

I found these beautiful Norwegian dolls at an op shop in Gympie on my holidays. They are residing over my dutch families wooden barrow that brought out from Holland by my grandmother….I also found a huge stash of vintage baubles and Father Christmas’ at the op shop too!

Op Shop Treasures

I love the endless possibilities that are found in an op shop. To me its like a treasure hunt and you just never know what you are going to get. It is so much better than going to a huge shopping center where everything is new and nothing yet has a story. In the above picture everything was found in an op shop apart from the painting:) Each one brings a joy and reminds me of God’s beauty and creative genius. The retro pressed metal picture of the girl praying reminds me to send my prayers and thoughts to God who listens and is waiting……and the West German vases remind me of the creative genius of talented craftspeople who produced these vases that are very collectible:) I love to think about the story behind objects found at op shops. Recently my mother discovered a really beautiful leather travel bag at an op shop that had been well traveled. She delved into one of the pockets of the bag and found a letter addressed to the former owner with really special messages! It truly is a treasure hunt:)
Last year, I found an old globe for my husband Daniel for a present and someone many years before had written on the wooden base, “To Mark, Daniel and Sally, With Love from Oma and Opa”. I wonder who they were and what is their story…..well another Daniel owns it now!

thrifty love

The sun was breaking through the clouds and the op shops were calling me! Grapples is a great local thrift shop that is heaps of fun to dig around. I spent a grand total of $1.10 on 3 vintage napkins and a cane bag. Yay!

great vintage aprons!

My son Noah found some treasures too:)