Where has the sun gone?

Today I am dreaming of a sunnier day….the sun has disappeared behind the clouds – come back sun!
But its great weather to do some knitting and I have started knitted a vest for Noah….I can’t wait to finish it!
Time to rug up under a warm blanket and drink a nice cup of tea:)

Clickety Clack

Many years ago my grandmother Lily taught me how to knit on her front verandah while I was staying with her on holidays. I was given some beautiful knitting needles at Colour conference in Sydney and I was inspired to start knitting. Well – I have been clickety clacking day and night the last few days and I have made a mammoth red scarf! It was inspired by the main character in the French film Hunting and Gathering who wears the most amazing red scarf most of the movie! Now I have my very own! It has been keeping me warm in early in the morning as I have been knitting!

Finally I have finished knitting it – and now I’m knitting Dan a scarf for Europe :)