Bon Voyage bonnie travellers!!

This past week we have had the joy of having my lovely sister Luana and her husband Mitchell staying with us before they shifted to Holland for a few years. The week was full of many special times together and Noah was loving having his auntie and uncle staying over! Above is a photo of Noah, Luana and Fred (the dog:) after Fred was given a bath!

A special farewell cake made by my sister Kim :)

…and our family all together in the one place! We love you Lu and Mitch!

Theo and Dini’s Farm…Gengringen, The Netherlands

A few months back when we were in Holland, I had the joy of staying with some relatives Theo and Dini on their dairy farm.

It was such a wonderful experience to meet and stay with family and enjoy the wonders of the little corner of the world that they call home. I loved everything about the farming community surrounding the small village of Gengringen…I loved the flat fields, the yummy dutch food…especially the cheese and chocolate sprinkles for breakfast and dutch meatballs (my favourite!)… the peace and quiet and the wonderful hospitality showered on us by Theo and Dini… Noah particularly loved hanging out in the cow sheds and watching the cows get milked…

…spending time with our dutch family :)

…and a really special experience was going for a bike ride with Dan on a quiet Saturday morning around the surrounding farms…the birds were chirping and we were having the ride of our life!!

Grandma’s farm…

A few months ago when Dan, Noah and I were in Holland we went to visit the farm where my grandmother Theodora was born and grew up. Our wonderful dutch family Theo and Dini took us to visit this special place which is no longer a working farm as it waits to be demolished to become a sand and gravel mine :(

The farm is in a tiny little place called Wieken, close to the German border.

The skies around the farm were vast and blue and made me wonder what it would have been like all those years ago to live under these skies.

The farm and the area around it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The air was crisp and the atmosphere was quiet and peaceful. I thank God for this farm as its produce sustained my father’s family during the tough years of the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

Fair Holland

We have loved beautiful Vondel Park in Amsterdam…such a great place to relax.

…the thousands, maybe millions of bikes…

The meandering canals in Amsterdam…

….the windmills (Dan and Noah being windmills:)!
We have enjoyed every bit!