A smile and hello can go a long way…

My lovely friend Hilda (above searching for lost toy cars in a mud puddle:) and I became friends in the most unlikely way…
One day about two years ago, I was lined up at the check-out at the grocery store and I smiled and said a “Hello…How are you?” to the lady in the queue behind me. After a little chat, I had bought my groceries, we said our goodbyes and I pushed the trolley off through the shopping centre to the fruit and vegetable shop. A few minutes later the lady I had been chatting to was also in the grocery store and she asked if we could be friends. We exchanged phone numbers and have been friends ever since! I love that when we can be going about seemingly mundane tasks such as grocery shopping and heading into an ordinary day…something out of the ordinary such as a new friendship can be born.

Hilda’s son Luke is a lovely friend of Noah’s. They love to play and have adventures!

This particular day they found a great mud pond to play in!

Friendships formed from a simple exchange while buying groceries…this is grace…this is blessing and my life is so much richer for it!
Thank you Hilda for following me to the fruit shop! :)