Jetlag…and beautiful flowers

We arrived home from our wonderful holiday a few days ago now…slowly but surely the fog of mixed up days and nights of jetlag is beginning to rise…I thought I would share some photos of flowers I took in the Netherlands on my dad’s cousins Theo’s farm :)

This lavendar smelt amazing!

A beautiful flower to brighten your day!

Pots of Colour

Spring has sprung in my garden! These beautiful pots of beautiful colour adorn my backyard reminding me each time I glance their way that joy is found in the beauty of the small, the insignificant….beauty is found in glancing at the beauty of creation which points to their Creator…..with love Martine

Simple beauty

Ahhh… flowers are such a simple beauty in our world. I remember a friend shared with me once that when she was going through a particularly difficult time she would remember to thank God for the flowers. Flowers are something in our world, that bloom under so many different circumstances: on the most remote mountain peak, the harshest desert, on the median strip on a busy road and in a garden bed that is lovingly tended to. We too can bloom and bring forth beauty in our world no matter where we are in life….enjoy the flowers and if you have time smell them too:)