Also enjoying…

…the colour GREEN…
Such a beautiful change from the brown of years past – thanks to all the rain the heavens have been showering our corner of the world with!



…and looking forward to being able to travel to the beach again soon and have a dip once bubs is born!!


P.S – Thanks to Hyde Park, London for the sweet GREEN photo and the ice-cream chair, Musee D’Orsay, Paris for the snap of Van Gogh’s work and the amazing Cinque Terre, Italy for giving us a wonderful time at the beach!

Bonjour dear friends!

Bonjour dear friends!! It has been awhile since I last blogged but just wanted to let you know we have been having a really wonderful trip. Each day has been an adventure…. our eyes are open wide with wonder and sheer delight! I hope to
blog more regularly the next little while and fill you in our European adventure so far!
Au Revoir – blessings to you :)

We’re Off!

We are off on our European holiday tomorrow. I read a great quote this morning in one of my favourite books Streams in the Desert,

“However matters go, the worst will be a tired traveller and a joyful and sweet welcome home.”

I can’t wait to share all the beauty and delights I discover in our big adventure in this space.
Bonjour and see you soon!
:) love Martine

Up in the air I fly….

In a week and a half Dan, Noah and I are flying off to Europe!
This week has been tying up all the last details of our trip…
We just heard back from some relatives in the Netherlands who we are going to stay with…
I can’t wait to meet them. They live on a farm near the German border and will take us to my grandmothers family farm. The produce from the farm sustained my father and his family during the second world war…I am really looking forward to physically being in that place that has so much history from the generations that came before.
The painting above hangs on my parents wall….

…so does this one…..

….these were some of my grandma’s kitchen containers from the Netherlands….kind of random but really its these familiar kitchen utensils that hold so much history. The countdown to take off begins!!

Dreams Coming To Life!

Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to go to Europe…(particularly The Netherlands to visit where my father grew up). Dan and I have been to the travel agent many a time and for many different reasons, the timing hasn’t been right for us to venture over to Europe. But….this year Dan, Noah and I are heading over!! To visit some family…..explore and have a really fantastic time!
So, we have piles of books all over our house and there is common theme…..Europe!

Like all the dreams that we have in our heart….sometimes the timing isn’t right for them to come to fruition….and sometimes there comes a time to step out make some plans and head out into the unknown…face our fears…embrace our dreams and live…generously…beautifully and looking into the face of our Maker….
Ecclesiastes 3:1,11
There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens….
He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart….