The long weekends…

Celebrating Easter in Gympie….

Noah’s stash…he is still steadily eating his way through many a chocolate.

Chickens and bunnies :)

Time with my lovely sister :)

Grandad – John, Noah, Granny and Byron :)

Beautiful skies…

Random shots taken over Easter weekend in Gympie!

A whole lot of Easter!

I love the festival of Easter…I love get together with friends, family and my church community to gather together and enjoy life and Jesus’ life, death and resurrection! I enjoyed making these little birdies that adorn our kitchen table with their chirpy presence. They remind me of the new life that is found in Jesus…

On Friday our church community gathered by a local dam to remember Jesus’ death and enjoy 19 dozen hot cross buns!

We had fun making this Easter cake which was full of chocolatey gluten-free goodness!

Easter Sunday has been spent with a morning at church celebrating that Jesus is alive…He is alive indeed!

My Easter Table…

The other afternoon Noah, my lovely friend Kylie and I spent some time painting and dying eggs….

I had a bit of a pastel theme in mind but the end product looks a little more jungle themed….
We had lots of fun getting paint all over us- particularly Noah!!

This little birdy is looking after the eggs….

More Easter delights!

The muffins have been baked – they look so yummy!

The candles have been lit….

and its time for a sip of tea and a relax to ponder the gift of Jesus at Easter….

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son Jesus that whoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life…
John 3:16