Twas a turkey, not for eating, candles for alighting and a wonderful time had by all!

Twas a fine Christmas Eve morn and Miss Turkey (the resident scrub turkey) was fluffing her feathers looking like she might become dinner. But alas, she lives another day grunting in our backyard! I was thinking to myself, “I wonder what scrub turkey’s taste like!” Thankfully I won’t ever find out!

The boys were in bed and Dan and I had fun sneaking out the presents!

A happy coffee grinder on Christmas morning!

A new toothbrush :)) I thought maybe a flashing spider man toothbrush might give Noah a little bit more incentive to brush his purley whites!

Dan’s new phone :))

Our scooter boy! He is ready to roll with enough padding to keep him rolling for the next few years!

Byron’s first Christmas!

More present time with Nanna and Pa and the crew!

A bit small for me :)) but Byron will love it – a muscle T!

A great day!!