The beach…part 2

Every good weekend at the beach involves surfing…

Riding the waves…

Noah and I chilling at our campsite…

-Funny Memories from our camping trip-
1. We were eating breakfast at a cafe and a man walks past wearing a bandana and Noah says,
“Look Mummy!! A pirate!!”
I don’t think the “pirate” man woke up that morning and thought to himself, “What look do I want to go for today? Pirate? Yes, this bandana will do nicely…now where is my eye patch and my hook hand?”
2. We flattened the car battery inflating the air bed :)
3. I packed our camping gear for the trip and was quite pleased with myself :) Only to realise as we bunked down for the night that I forgot a warm blanket and it was freezing!
4. It was about 8.30pm and we were eating fish and chips at a deserted fish’n’chip shop and a Beyonce song came on the radio and Noah jumped up grooving and said
“Mummy, dance with me, dance with me Mummy!!” I couldn’t resist :)