Byron turned two today! He has always been a cuddly boy and we have always thought of him as our cuddly bear…and just recently discovered one of the meanings of Byron is bear…very apt!

A brown bear for our boy – and for his teddy’s bears picnic birthday party!

Byron you are strong, powerfully affectionate, loving, quick to say sorry, have a very cute scrunchy smile, you can be LOUD with your deep voice, you love to run, jump, dance and sing, play hide and seek, the Wiggles are your favourite/obsession at the moment :) and you love to put your head under the water at the pool. It is a joy to be your mum and I thank God for so wonderfully giving you life and giving you to us!
We love you so much!
You bring energy and joy everywhere you go!

Love Martine

Happy Birthday Noah!

Noah John was born two years ago today!

We woke up early for a family breakfast birthday gathering…we searched for his present!

….the train set….

…resting after the party and lots of cake:)
Happy Birthday to you Noah!

Happy Birthday Dan!

Today is my very wonderful husband Dan’s birthday! Happy birthday to you!! We are heading up to the beach for a day of sun, surf and great food (and coffee!). Happy birthday dear Dan, Happy Birthday to you!! Hip…Hooray!!!