Advent: An Australian kind of adventure….

Advent: we wanted to fulfill one of Noah’s dreams…go to Australia Zoo! He loves learning from Bindi the Jungle girl DVDs and LOVES Steve Irwin so this was a special day for Noah and a great family adventure!

From the moment we arrived I was quite overcome by the beautiful environment that Australia Zoo is. Such a special place!
It was fun feeding the elephants!

Even Byron had a go (with a little help from Dan)!

Ahhh…the croceseum show…amazing birds flying in from all directions and a wonderful message and challenge presented to be caretakers of God’s creation.

I was most profoundly moved by the dedication, love, sacrifice and INFLUENCE that the Irwin family has had all over the world.
It was a special day and I’m sure we will be back for another visit.
Also, Noah has been learning all about cheetah’s and it was getting close to the end of the day and we hadn’t seen any as they get walked around by the trainers…and just before we left Noah got to see a beloved cheetah! Thankyou God for answering this mum’s prayer!