Five Years Ago…

Twas five years ago today that I walked down this grassy isle…..

to find my handsome prince…aka Daniel…..

…waiting for me and we said “I do”….

…to walk hand in hand together for the rest of our lives….with our eyes looking forward to the future and with our hearts united with our Saviour and our God…..
…..for the Lord He is good and His love endures forever…..
Psalm 100

Carved in time….

Here is my dad….he was taught to carve by my mother’s grandfather Alfred many years ago..

I love how a picture can really speak a thousand words..My dad has been doing a lot of lino cuts lately…. each one tells a different story from my fathers life….

…our lives are all being chiselled into history…. leaving a legacy of things passed down….
…may the picture of our life be a beautiful thing giving praise to our Maker…

Sandy’s art….

I thought I would share a little of my very talented mother’s art!

Her work is always different….

…always pointing to beauty….

….this is a spot I wouldn’t mind visiting….
I can smell the sea air!

A beautiful place….

Another reason why I love going out to the country to spend time at my parents place is that it is such a beautiful place. There is beauty in the countryside but everywhere I look there is beauty and creativity that inspires me and sharpens my senses inside their home. I always love to see what new creative endeavours both my parents have been up to…what new amazing finds my mum has found while she has been opshopping and it is always amazing!!

Like the chandelier! We always leave my parents house with a car full of lovely things my parents have found and feel like passing on….I also can’t resist the country opshops! There are always something special to be found and loved!!

“Creation refuses to let us ignore its Creator….”
with love, Martine

The country air was calling me….

Ahh…how I love this view…it is from my parents back verandah…
This last week Dan, Noah and I spent a few days out in the country at my parents house….
I grew up in the bush…where there is lots of peace and quiet…life is a much slower pace….no traffic or blocks of units hampering my view….
While I really enjoy living in the city….every now and then I long to go to the country….

..and we had a great surprise! My parents had the neighbours cattle on their property…they are a vocal bunch of cows and it was great to have them around:)

I enjoyed getting more closely acqauinted with them!

Thankfully they weren’t camera shy!!

Congratulations Dan!!

Four years ago, Dan and I felt the pull to both leave our full-time jobs and study at Bible College. We started out with a one year post grad course (which I completed) and Dan continued studying full time for his Masters. At the time we didn’t know “how” exactly we were going to pull this off…but we knew God would truly provide for all our needs…

Through an amazing set of circumstances, Don (above right:) and his wife Glenda generously allowed Dan and I to live in a little beach shack on the waterfront for free while we were studying…. Through the generosity of Don and Glenda and others…I have seen how God does provide for our every need…every part of our lives is important to the One who loves, cares and orders our days….to Him be all praise….

“For the Lord is good. His unfailing love continues forever, and His faithfulness continues to each generation….”
Psalm 100: 5

P.S. Congratulations to you Dan!! All your determination, hard work, many, many late nights and early mornings has paid off and you have finished!! Yay!!

Where I blog!

The lovely ladies at Mondo Cherry ( passed on the challenge to show where you blog. At the moment my favourite place to blog (when its not too hot!) is in the corner of my bedroom where I have a little desk. It is a perfect spot to escape and enjoy the inspiration of other people’s blogs and to share a little of my life.

Its perfect when there is a breeze blowing and the fan is going! :)

Painting or mowing?

We have been having particularly hot weather at the moment and Noah and I needed a little creative outlet…so at the mention of painting Noah had a paintbrush at the ready.

….there was much concentration…..

and a lot of fun…

before the painting was abandoned for the beloved mower!