stop…go slow…gastro


If there is one thing that can stop our little family its gastro. Starting on the Friday night before Christmas (at Dan’s birthday dinner) Jack vomited uncontrollably. As I wiped the river of vomit off my arms and legs with napkins, I mouthed a “sorry” to the horrified diners at the table next to us who were saying to each other, “He is still going!” as they gathered their things and left.

Fast-forward a few days later and Jack is still vomiting and needed a trip to hospital. We spent the next few days recovering and then on Christmas Eve it was Dan’s turn. We were officially in quarantine from family Christmas not wanting to pass on this dreaded bug. Then Byron, then Noah and hopefully not me!

Its been an interesting experience being quarantined from family gatherings and catching up with friends at Christmas and now New Years. We have gone slow, eaten lots of toast, drank lots of juice, watched hours of tv, read books, washed, washed and washed mounds of towels and totally stopped.

I am looking forward to this bug being gone from our family but in the meantime we are our own gastro-island and we are learning to stop and go slow.

“He holds our days in His hands”

Love Martine

Sinking Deep….

Your love so deep is washing over me…
“For as high as the Heavens are above the earth…so great is His love for those who fear Him…”
Psalm 103:11
Love Martine

Love Day

 Love Day…aka Valentines Day…
 A day to celebrate those you love…
…and remember…
how very much we are deeply loved by God…the great lover of our souls. We are His delight!
“We love because He first loved us…”
1 John 4:19
The Lord appeared to us…. saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.
Jeremiah 31:3
Happy Love Day!!
Love Martine

Around here…

 Someone has started Year Two!
 …the two little guys think they have started too!…
 …teacher and student ready and rearing to go on this learning journey…
 …Distance Ed swimming carnival…
 …Noosa River fish and chips…
 …a spot of sewing…
 …the finished product…
…and a chalkboard reminder…
I’m really free indeed!
Love Martine

Explore, Rescue, Protect!

Byron turned three a few weeks ago and after much deliberation on a party theme…it was all systems go for an Octonauts party! Byron LOVES the Octonauts cartoon and as the show is set under the ocean…a wet and watery party was planned.

 …our backyard ready for some water fun!…
…explore, rescue, protect…
 …Jack surveying the party set up…
 …Pinata time – a mad dash for the lollies…
…the birthday boy who is already planning his next birthday party…
 …the Octopod…

Summer is…

Displaying photo 2.JPG

Summer is:
-early mornings and late late nights
-family trips to Southbank
-City Cat rides back home during summer storms
-swimming in our neighbours pool
-catching up with friends
-eating watermelon!
-browning bodies and freckly noses
-feeling alive and full of joy and expectation for the year that God has ahead for our family
-trips to the beach
-walking along the river while the boys ride their bikes
-feeling God’s joy as I enjoy this season
Love Martine
P.S. Thanks Tif for taking this photo!

Just beautiful….

Dan and I had the joy of celebrating the marriage of a lovely couple last weekend.

Each detail of the day was beautiful and creative.

Beautiful spot for a party!

My great date…Dan.

Love Martine

Its beginning to look a lot like…


Huge Christmas trees!

Our tree…

Handel’s Messiah…

Party time!

At this HOT, busy time – I can’t wait for Christmas morning…opening presents, gathering with family,swimming and eating yummy food!

Love Martine



Jesus is present with love, strength and courage whatever the circumstances.

His love endures forever…Psalm 100

Love Martine


“Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story…” Psalm 107:2

Well…it was a few weeks ago now and Dan and I went for a walk near the river and past some houses I had never seen before. In amongst some mini mansions was a beautiful run down house with huge trees in the garden, a broken down fence, peeling paint – a house that could tell a story of people, children, babies…lives lived within its four walls. On the fence of the house was an old sign the simply said, “HAVEN”. 

It reminded me of how amongst all that happens in life…the storms, the sunlight, the parties, the funerals…I have a HAVEN. This HAVEN isn’t found in a house (although your house can be a haven of rest and joy)… this HAVEN isn’t found in an idyllic beach somewhere… but this HAVEN is found alone in resting in God. His infinite, boundless love…His joy…in Him alone.

I’m thankful for His peace amongst the storms of life.
I’m thankful that my life is in His loving care.
I’m thankful that He is my loving God who takes my little ones into His care.

“They cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and He brought them out of their distress. He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed. They were glad when it grew calm, and He guided them to their desired HAVEN.”
Psalm 107:28-30

My HAVEN is in Him.

Love Martine