stop…go slow…gastro


If there is one thing that can stop our little family its gastro. Starting on the Friday night before Christmas (at Dan’s birthday dinner) Jack vomited uncontrollably. As I wiped the river of vomit off my arms and legs with napkins, I mouthed a “sorry” to the horrified diners at the table next to us who were saying to each other, “He is still going!” as they gathered their things and left.

Fast-forward a few days later and Jack is still vomiting and needed a trip to hospital. We spent the next few days recovering and then on Christmas Eve it was Dan’s turn. We were officially in quarantine from family Christmas not wanting to pass on this dreaded bug. Then Byron, then Noah and hopefully not me!

Its been an interesting experience being quarantined from family gatherings and catching up with friends at Christmas and now New Years. We have gone slow, eaten lots of toast, drank lots of juice, watched hours of tv, read books, washed, washed and washed mounds of towels and totally stopped.

I am looking forward to this bug being gone from our family but in the meantime we are our own gastro-island and we are learning to stop and go slow.

“He holds our days in His hands”

Love Martine