God…the party planner?

“What if, in truth, our God is the party planner? (Didn’t he say he was preparing a wedding feast for us and building mansions in heaven?)

What if the same God who created a breathtaking garden, planned purpose and the love of family and friendship and the fulfillment of productive work, who delighted in children….

…who touched the sick and rejected, and who gave grace to the prostitutes and tax collectors is the God whose companionship we can enjoy each day?”
Sally Clarkson
(Dancing With My Father, Waterbrook Press, 2010:34)

Some thoughts from a fantastic book I have been loving, Dancing With My Father. God delights in us and even loves planning parties more than me! I’m looking forward to the great Feast with my King one day!

Love Martine


  1. says

    Words to ponder. And delight in. And give purpose for the daily mundane duties. And give a reminder for the bigger scheme and reason for life. Thanks for encouraging me today.

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