When I was fourteen I lived in a small isolated town in far north Queensland called Cooktown. It was a tough place to be as a teenager. The highlight of my week was going to church….a really small church plant that met in a very tiny community building. There wasn’t a band…often we sang along to CDs…and every now and then a man would come along with his guitar and play very out of tune. I loved that group of people. I had only been a follower of Christ for about six months before moving to that town and in that small community of people from so many varied backgrounds I learnt about following Jesus.

One day after a service the same man who played very out of tune came up to me and said, “God gave me a dream about you…in it you were sitting on top of a hill surrounded by children…”

As a fourteen year old I was puzzled by what he said and I pondered it in my heart and the dream stayed there. At different times in my life I have been surrounded by children…as a classroom teacher I was surrounded by children but never on a hill:)…in Cambodia on a short term mission trip I was surrounded by children but never on a hill… every now and then I’d remember this man’s words and I’d think maybe one day I will teach children in Africa and then I’ll be surrounded….

Then quietly and beautifully God brought me three miracle boys….and twenty years later…here I am sitting on a hill surrounded by children…my children…but I’ve learnt they are really His.

That dream will come to pass…see Him do it.

Love Martine


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