“Being brave isn’t the absence of feeling scared but doing it anyway…”

As I have watched Noah bravely do so many things while having such difficulty seeing I am reminded of his brave and courageous heart. That while he has been teased, constantly questioned about his eyes and asked if he is a pirate he continues to try new things.

These photos were taken at Noah’s first “Sports Day” with the Distance Education school we are a part of. At the end of the day we were getting in the car and Noah whispers to Dan, “Daddy maybe I could give Byron one of my ribbons because he didn’t get any…” Byron was very taken with his “Special Effort” ribbon Noah gave him as I was with Noah’s kindness.

Love Martine


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    Oh, I haven’t read from you for ages and ages and then today I see lots of posts in my reader. I will have to make time to go back and look. Noah’s sports day looks like fun for all involved.

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