A whole lot of….

Around here there has been a whole lot of love (thanks for the beautiful card Dan!)…

A whole lot of fun!

A whole lot of Buzz Lightyear!

A whole lot of scootering, skateboarding, bike riding fun!

A whole lot of someone else doing the cooking!

A whole lot of enjoying my new hair cut!

A whole lot of driving to new adventures!

A whole lot of dreams coming true…

and a whole lot of colour too! 

2013 – I am looking forward to finding the FUN in the everyday, going on many new adventures and FLOURISHING with my family, friends and my God!

Love Martine


  1. Selina says

    Hi Martine,
    It is nice to see what you have been up to.
    How are you all going?
    I am going good but busy. Have heaps of wedding stuff to do.
    Would love to catch up sometime,

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