We had a lovely little weekend getaway to Gympie and Noosa and it was nice!

A really nice shop…

A very nice man…. :)

Nice belly… (and beach!)

Nice company at happy hour….I was loving the fruit mock tail!

Nice art….the paper sculpture on the shelves of Bistro C at Noosa are my mums creations!
I scootered off (not literally) to the NICEST day spa…

Ikatan Day Spa – I was reading their literature and Ikatan is rated Top 5 Day Spa’s of Australia – I was in good hands!

The little Balinese day spa huts are set in the most beautiful tropical gardens! Nice :)

Nice date…

Seeing my lovely sister-in-law Ang perform her own cabaret show! It was a fantastic Ang!

To end the day – the best gelati ever (I know the gelati is great in Italy but this little place in Noosa is pretty nice!). 

Love Martine

I’ve found a safe place…

You whisper the song over me.
I’m slow to answer,
slow to speak.
I found a safe place.
How wide is your love?
How wide,
How deep,
it’s untouched.
Am I not enough?
I’ve found a safe place in you
I’ve found a safe place in you

Remember the day you called my name
I was a stranger but you loved me the same
I found a safe place
How wide is your love?
How high,
How deep
it’s untouched
I’m not enough
I’ve found a safe place in you
I’ve found a safe place in you

You are the one my heart is waiting for
You are my treasure,
You are my king,
You are the door
You hold me tight, you hold me quiet
You hold me safe
How wide is your love?
How deep,
How high
It’s untouched
Am I not enough?
I found a safe place in you
I found a safe place in you

A beautiful song, Safe Place….
(Words and song by Enter the Worship Circle)

Love Martine

Mum Heart….

I had the privilege of  being part of a wonderful conference for mum’s who home educate last weekend.

The location was perfect to get some time to relax and soak up the winter sun between sessions. 

I really enjoyed hearing the stories from different women from all over Australia who experience God in their everyday.
So much encouragement, nourishment for the soul….
Thank you Mum Heart Conference and all the wonderful women I met…you blessed me immensely!

Love Martine

Hey guys…being sixteen months old is the best!

Hey guys….

being sixteen months old is the best!

Hang on a minute – I’ve got things to fix…

I need to help out in the kitchen…
Spend some quality time with my older bro wearing my pjs all day when I’m sick…

and hang out in the swing.
I like driving my car the best. This car gets some serious speed up….especially when I’m driving!

But I do have my “jobs” to do…
I love to feed the chickens but I don’t really like when they come running when they see me!

Pretty much…

life is great at sixteen months.

But I do get myself into some “situations”. Like when I put Thomas the Tank Engine in the toaster and he didn’t survive the heat!
Or when I took my mum’s engagement ring and put it in a safe place.
 I even got taken for an x-ray to make sure I hadn’t eaten it!
 But I tried to tell everyone I had “safely” stored it in a drawer in the kitchen!

I also really like when Pa lets me play on his ipad….or I get my hands on the TV remote.
Being chauffeured around is quite a perk as its going to be quite awhile before I get my driver’s license!


But being close to my family is one of my favourite things.
Being sixteen months old really is the best!
We love you Byron our blessing from above!

Love Martine

In the land of knights….

In the land of the knights….

Dan, Noah and Byron have all been laid low with a nasty virus…

We have spent time resting…

Baking when my junior chef has felt up to it….

Making T-Rex duplo style….

In amongst all the sickness I enjoyed going to my first Blessing Way for a lovely lady who is preparing to birth her blessing….
 (thank you Noah for taking this photo:)

I enjoyed gathering some treats for the sick ones at home from my favourite market on the way home from church.
I loved gathering at church this morning being encouraged and inspired by God’s spirit and singing this beautiful song….

Sorry about the Portuguese subtitles on the song :) it may be helpful if you speak Portuguese though!

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus blood and righteousness
I dare not trust the sweetest frame
But wholly trust in Jesus name
Christ Alone; Cornerstone
Weak made strong; In the Saviour’s love
Through the storm, He is Lord
Lord of All
When Darkness seems to hide His face
I rest on His unchanging grace
In every high and stormy gale
My anchor holds within the veil
When He shall come with trumpets sound
Only I then in Him be found
Dressed in His Righteousness alone
Faultless to stand before the throne

Love Martine

Been loving…

Reading some great books by Sally and Clay Clarkson – two wise and inspirational people. I’m learning so much!

Our little bubs – 28+ weeks…we all can’t wait to meet you!

 Noah’s creativity…the above is Noah’s “knight’s castle”. He spent many hours working on this with a little help from me… 

Byron our kind and cuddly boy… 

Dan – strong, generous, kind, courageous and giving….love you heaps Dan!

Goodies from Rosalie Gourmet Market!

Thank you for the roses Dan!

God’s grace, love and freedom….bringing so much joy.

Love Martine