I’ve been reading from Psalm 107 this morning. It speaks of God guiding us to “our desired haven”.
When I think of the word haven I think of a safe place, a place where we will flourish and be at total rest.

I was encouraged at church’s women’s connect group on Tuesday morning. The speaker shared how God wants us to really trust Him and to totally abandon ourselves to Him. I got thinking of how my children so easily abandon themselves to Dan and I – falling asleep in our arms in total abandon and finding peaceful rest.

How much more does God want us to find the same peace, rest and life in His arms…all we need to do is trust and find our haven in Him….

Psalm 107:28-30
“Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and He brought them out of their distress.
He stilled the storm to a whisper;
the waves of the sea were hushed.
They were glad when it grew calm,
and He guided them to their desired haven.”
Love Martine

Keeping on the sunny side of life!

My week in photos has been a challenge and I have forgotten to take photos most of the week :) but today with some rainy weather I had my camera out as we listened to “Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side…keep on the sunny side of life!”

It has been a great week of getting used to a new way to do “homeschool” and life. I have been encouraged by God each day in small and big ways. I’ve been finding joy in relaxing in God’s love and peace.

Here is “Byron Boy” enjoying life in the “best ever cubby in the whole wide world” as Noah named it!

Nothing like a few sheets over the couch that transforms a rainy afternoon into an adventure in a castle, secret hideout and “Noah’s new bedroom”.

Noah designing and redesigning his “police helicopter” that rescued many stranded duplo people and animals that found themselves in unusual places throughout our house this afternoon!

Byron wearing Noah’s knight’s helmet :)

Byron our little walker and fearless adventurer!

Byron’s first toothbrush has been quite a hit – he “brushed” his teeth so many times yesterday :)

Buckling down to do some “school work” :)

33 – I must say is a great age!

Love Martine

Sunday – I’ve got Sunday on my mind….

A little challenge I have set myself – to share snippets from each day this week…in hopes that I will get my camera out a little bit more and record the day!

Above is a shot of our fridge…a little reminder that not only is God creating a new little life within me (bubba #3) but also is creating new life in the souls of each one in our family…
(Thank you to the wonderful blog The Joyeful Journey for this quote!)

These two little guys with their daddy “comb-overs” ready and excited to be going to early morning church!

Breakfast with my lovely sister Nat at one of my favorite cafe’s – Comfort At My Table…

Byron enjoying making new friends at the cafe and eating bacon and drinking vanilla milkshake!

Noah’s new bike – thank you curb side clean-up! I wheeled this beauty home early this morning before church :) Noah wearing his “helmet of faith” that he made at Sunday school. Noah is LOVING dressing up as a knight at the moment so his “helmet of faith” is quite a winner!

Me and my 26 week old bubba belly! Thank you to my mother-in-law Di for your generosity in taking me maternity dress shopping – I love my new dress and cardie!

Afternoon sunlight, tea and chats on the deck with lovely Petra….

and Abe! We love you guys! 

So Sunday – I’ve experienced joy, cups of tea, wisdom, encouragement and freedom at church, time with family and friends and to end the night watched a great short film about a very creative 9 year old boy from East LA…

If you have the time this film is an inspirational tear jerker…

Caine’s Arcade

Love Martine

A really beautiful sight!

These photos are from a few weeks ago when we were on holidays and they really are a beautiful sight!
But today while walking along the river on the most beautiful day – with Noah scooting ahead of me and Byron in the pram – I saw the most beautiful sight and brought a smile to my face (and I really wished I had my camera with me)….

…there was a lady perched against a street lamp surrounded by pillows, coffee, picnic basket and she had her vintage typewriter and Bible open….reading the Bible and then typing away…while people were jogging past, mums walking babies, dogs getting taken for a walk and boats passing on the river. It was such a beautiful sight to see someone enjoying the beautiful day God had given and was taking time to listen to Him from his word. 

This little guy was very attached to “Dadda” while we were on holidays and the mention that Dan was going out Byron was at the door waiting to go on an adventure with him….

…family shot…us four soon to become FIVE!

…Daddy time…

….more kite-flying and beach walking…

Love Martine

ps. I hope you see some beautiful sights in your day! :)