A little belated….

These photos are from the last few months. Its awhile since I’ve blogged, the haze of constant nausea is lifting! Yay! The photos above is Noah doing his “school” work…he insisted that the 3D glasses would help him to read :))

Enjoying some French bakery treats while feeling very sick!

Byron loving the swings…

Dan’s masterpiece…the first one in our family to master choux pastry!

beach trips…

sunsets over our backyard…

Noah’s latest dress up craze…

Byron and his scrunchy smile helping me to do some baking…

a little bush adventure…



  1. says

    So good to catch up on your going ons & glad to hear the nausea is going ( keep reminding yourself being sick is good :) ~ hard I know!
    Hope you have a wonderful week & that school is going well too!

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