How has your week been? A little bit of Valentines love? Dan and I enjoyed a really great lunch at a restaurant near where we live called Two Small Rooms. On the night we got engaged we celebrated with a beautiful meal there. It was really nice to go back and enjoy some fine dining! Ahh… I LOVE when someone cooks for me! :)

Our fridge blackboard is experiencing alot of love lately… Can you see our latest addition??

Yep! A little bubba growing in this tum :) I’m twelve weeks pregnant and have been experiencing the extremes of morning/all day sickness and a cocktail of hormones. I was VERY relieved yesterday to have my third scan in this pregnancy and see a strong beating heart and a very wriggley bub! After a scare a few weeks ago and the stress of not knowing what was happening with our little one, I’m one relieved mumma-to-be!

An encouraging verse I read today….

Psalm 27:8
My heart has heard you say,
“Come and talk with me”
And my heart responds,
“Lord, I am coming….”