Birthday birthday birthday brunch!!

This morning we celebrated Byron’s first birthday with brunch on our deck with family.

The bunting and lanterns were hung bringing much delight to Byron!

The cake was baked…

“Happy birthday” was sung….

and our big boy enjoyed his first piece of birthday cake!
Happy first birthday Byron – we love you so much!



  1. says

    Happy birthday Mr Byron!!!! We were thinking of you yesterday and hoping you had a lovely 1st birthday party… (and it looks like he had a ball!). Lots of love xoxo

    ps – love the jip & janneke bunting :) :) :)

  2. says

    Aw Martine, this post really made me smile. HOW CUTE!! I love those little dangling photos of Byron, they’re classic! Everything looks gorgeous – you sure know how to make a beautiful party. And the main thing is that Byron had a great day! xxx

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