A new journey with Him…

It seems like a long time ago now that this photo was taken. It was taken the day before Noah was born, the day before I was officially a “mother”. The desire in my heart had been there a long time before and I’m so thankful to God for blessing me with this journey of motherhood.

The hand and foot picture of my breech Noah…I knew from when he was growing inside me that this little one would grow to be determined…

bring so much joy….

wonder at the world surrounding him…

travel and enjoy a cafe or two (this is Noah in Amsterdam soaking up the cafe culture:)

enjoy sweet treats over veggies any day…

one day pack his backpack and go on adventures without Dan and I (but thankfully not just yet!)…

learn to spread his own wings…

check out the surf…

enjoy being “silly”…

love being a big brother (mostly…apart from when he needs alone time without Byron following his every move:)…

enjoy taking risks, particularly on his scooter….

and have a vivid imagination!

When I embarked on this journey of motherhood I had no idea what the journey would involve. I’m thankful that every step of the way I have had God’s constant guidance to help me make the many and varied decisions that this ministry of motherhood entails.

Tomorrow, I start a new journey with Noah….that of being teacher. But, you know that journey started when he was born and is just continuing now in another form. Noah is keen to get started on his “school” work. He has asked many times when am I going to finally teach him to read and write….sneakily I have been teaching him how to read since the first time I read him a book :) I’m looking forward to starting this journey. I’m thankful for God’s guidance and strength and looking forward to where these uncharted waters will take us.Bon voyage!

Twas a turkey, not for eating, candles for alighting and a wonderful time had by all!

Twas a fine Christmas Eve morn and Miss Turkey (the resident scrub turkey) was fluffing her feathers looking like she might become dinner. But alas, she lives another day grunting in our backyard! I was thinking to myself, “I wonder what scrub turkey’s taste like!” Thankfully I won’t ever find out!

The boys were in bed and Dan and I had fun sneaking out the presents!

A happy coffee grinder on Christmas morning!

A new toothbrush :)) I thought maybe a flashing spider man toothbrush might give Noah a little bit more incentive to brush his purley whites!

Dan’s new phone :))

Our scooter boy! He is ready to roll with enough padding to keep him rolling for the next few years!

Byron’s first Christmas!

More present time with Nanna and Pa and the crew!

A bit small for me :)) but Byron will love it – a muscle T!

A great day!!


The cousins…

It has been great to spend some time with our families over the Christmas break and a special treat has been time with our nieces and nephews. Noah affectionately calls them “my cousins” and here are a few pictures of our recent adventures with them!

My nephew William is a character! He posted a little something on the Christmas tree (see above!) ….

He almost got what he wished for!

Noah and Byron are blessed with four loving and lovely cousins. Sophie loves to play with the boys and especially taking Byron for rides on the digger! I love that from when Byron was a newborn Sophie has confidently carried Byron around! We love you Sophie!

It has been a treat to meet little Oliver for the first time! Such a joyful boy! We love you!

Sophie is loving the digger ride…Byron is not so sure!

The infamous washing trolley! This trolley was once my Grandmother Lily’s. Its a tradition to wheel the babies around in it as it squeaks and get your photo taken in it! Byron loves a ride! Thanks Lochlan and Sophie!

Playing cowboys and Indians!

Thanks Sophie for all your help! Even feeding little guy!

Cousins such a precious gift as are nieces and nephews!

Lots of love,


A little pre Christmas surprise….

The week before Christmas I took the boys up to Gympie to visit my parents.
The trip had been planned for awhile and I was really looking forward to spending time in the serene surrounds with my parents.
The “star” in the photo above was hanging above my parents drive way and was an apt way to herald in the Christmas decorating that had been happening in the “Gympie house” as all the grandchildren affectionately call it!

But amidst all the decorating….



winter land scenes…

many Christmas trees…

a surprise was lurking and I almost couldn’t hold in my excitement (but I did:)

There was a arrival from afar (no it wasn’t the wooden Christmas tree my dad made!)…

My sister Luana, husband Mitchell and baby Oliver flew in from The Netherlands and surprised my parents!

It was a wonderful reunion and first meeting of grandparents and little Oliver!
My parents got quite the surprise and had no idea! It has been so lovely to spend time with them and to meet the very gorgeous Oliver.
You can follow their adventures at Luana’s blog La Petite LuLu.


Around here….and a happy new year!!

A little belated…but I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and got a little time to relax at this special but also hectic time of year!

I LOVED celebrating Christmas with our two boys…to see Noah’s delight on Christmas morning and Byron’s confusion!

The gingerbread house…melted in a landslide of sugary ooze….next year I won’t be using caramelized sugar to hold the walls together!

A special Christmas breakup party with a lovely group of women I meet with monthly for a women’s forum. Thanks so much for your wonderful encouragement ladies! Lots of love!

Byron getting himself stuck in some tricky situations!

Ahhh…these cool guys…love them!

A little superhero Noah and I made :)

Relaxing by candlelight! Hoping for a bit more of this before the year gets into full swing!
I will post some more Christmas pics soon!