Advent: An Australian kind of adventure….

Advent: we wanted to fulfill one of Noah’s dreams…go to Australia Zoo! He loves learning from Bindi the Jungle girl DVDs and LOVES Steve Irwin so this was a special day for Noah and a great family adventure!

From the moment we arrived I was quite overcome by the beautiful environment that Australia Zoo is. Such a special place!
It was fun feeding the elephants!

Even Byron had a go (with a little help from Dan)!

Ahhh…the croceseum show…amazing birds flying in from all directions and a wonderful message and challenge presented to be caretakers of God’s creation.

I was most profoundly moved by the dedication, love, sacrifice and INFLUENCE that the Irwin family has had all over the world.
It was a special day and I’m sure we will be back for another visit.
Also, Noah has been learning all about cheetah’s and it was getting close to the end of the day and we hadn’t seen any as they get walked around by the trainers…and just before we left Noah got to see a beloved cheetah! Thankyou God for answering this mum’s prayer!


Advent: My hope has come…

I heard this beautiful song on a lovely blog…bohobabybump
I hope its an encouragement to you!

Well I feel a warm wind blowin’
Melting all the sadness off of my soul
and I smell the sweet cherry blossoms
pouring all their gladness, into my soul

In winter I believe you
In springtime I see you
It’s so good to be with you
my hope has come
Lord you make all things new
Your love is my breakthrough
Now I sing Hallelujah
my hope has come

Well I’ve walked through the valley of the shadow
And I have been tested like silver and gold
Lord your faith has taught me to cherish
that this light affliction is not my home

I’m not gonna give in to this mortal frustration
And I’m not gonna give death any standing ovation
I will lift my soul God, with no hesitation
because between you and me there’s no separation

Love Martine

Advent: Around here and there….

Red velvet cupcakes!

Backyard church…

Little drummer boys…

Still loving our gingerbread house…

A special surprise delivery from friends… a BBQ! Thanks so much!!

Barefoot bowls…

A vintage bowls Christmas party…

….a whole lot of standing up and crawling by this little guy…

…a late afternoon picnic by the River…

Good times :)


Advent…our gingerbread masterpiece!

Having never made a gingerbread house before I was keen to have a go…

My little skiers chalet is adorning our table on a very rainy night…
Its feeling very wintery in our Queensland summer…just right for our snowy little scene.

Always have lovely company to help you assemble your masterpiece (thanks Helen!)…

In Noah’s words, “Mummy, its soo beautiful!”
Here is to a new family tradition birthed and I can’t wait to next year’s…
I’m thinking of making a mid-century modern gingerbread house…


1. The countdown has begun…

To celebrate the beginning of advent I wanted to make an advent cake….

Our advent calendar gave us the instructions…

Yay for advent cake, bunting and a cute little deer…

The cake tasted great…

Thanks mum for all your creative help!

Our advent wreath….time to celebrate life, eternity and Jesus – the light of the world…
“I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life…” John 8:12

P.S…I finally made something I pinned on pinterest! :)