Around here….

Lots of reading and knowing…
God really is here and He isn’t silent…
John 10:27 Jesus, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me.”

We have two have groups from that meet in our home and we gather and learn about knowing God and experiencing His power and transforming love and grace in our lives through Jesus Christ. I love these times…encouraging, community, enriching…

I went to a wonderful women’s conference! The theme was FREEDOM that we have in Christ when we trust our lives and eternity to Him. The organizers of the conference showered beautiful treats on us and it was wonderful to be apart of!

Noah has started to learn a few letters…so cute seeing him learn and the hat above is his baker’s hat (for the letter B) that he made at kindy!

A little bit more baking…Dan and I made these raspberry scones, although they don’t look so great when you pile jam and cream on the top they came up a treat!

Just some random things from around here….



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    I love the title of that book. You make a warm, inviting home for members of your church to gather and learn. Sounds like you had a nice time at the retreat too. Thanks for leaving an encouraging word at my blog.

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