ARRR!! Its International talk like a pirate day!

What is a pirate to do? Today is the one day of the year ( to bring out all your “Arrr my hearties!”, “Ahoy there!”, “Where’s my peg leg!”, “Walk the plank!”…. so thanks to my lovely friends Cath and Jess we spent the afternoon exploring the beach, being pirates near a wrecked ship and going on a treasure hunt!


Bryon enjoying a cuddle…

…treasure hunting…

…pirate transportation…

…One happy pirate enjoying a blessed afternoon…

Leaving on a jet plane…

This past week we went for a little flight to Sydney for a family funeral.

Byron was a happy flier and Noah was really happy to meet the captain on the flight home and to see the cock pit.
As we were walking away from the plane after meeting the pilot Noah exclaimed, “Mummy, I don’t want to be a fireman anymore when I grow up…I want to be a plane driver!”

Ice-creams at Cronulla…

Sink baths and Noah getting ready for a spa!


A smile and hello can go a long way…

My lovely friend Hilda (above searching for lost toy cars in a mud puddle:) and I became friends in the most unlikely way…
One day about two years ago, I was lined up at the check-out at the grocery store and I smiled and said a “Hello…How are you?” to the lady in the queue behind me. After a little chat, I had bought my groceries, we said our goodbyes and I pushed the trolley off through the shopping centre to the fruit and vegetable shop. A few minutes later the lady I had been chatting to was also in the grocery store and she asked if we could be friends. We exchanged phone numbers and have been friends ever since! I love that when we can be going about seemingly mundane tasks such as grocery shopping and heading into an ordinary day…something out of the ordinary such as a new friendship can be born.

Hilda’s son Luke is a lovely friend of Noah’s. They love to play and have adventures!

This particular day they found a great mud pond to play in!

Friendships formed from a simple exchange while buying groceries…this is grace…this is blessing and my life is so much richer for it!
Thank you Hilda for following me to the fruit shop! :)


Around here….

Lots of reading and knowing…
God really is here and He isn’t silent…
John 10:27 Jesus, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me.”

We have two have groups from that meet in our home and we gather and learn about knowing God and experiencing His power and transforming love and grace in our lives through Jesus Christ. I love these times…encouraging, community, enriching…

I went to a wonderful women’s conference! The theme was FREEDOM that we have in Christ when we trust our lives and eternity to Him. The organizers of the conference showered beautiful treats on us and it was wonderful to be apart of!

Noah has started to learn a few letters…so cute seeing him learn and the hat above is his baker’s hat (for the letter B) that he made at kindy!

A little bit more baking…Dan and I made these raspberry scones, although they don’t look so great when you pile jam and cream on the top they came up a treat!

Just some random things from around here….


To all the sleep deprived ones…

Hmmm…..if many weeks and months of sleep deprivation ensues due to teething, frequent waking and babies needing extra pacing around the house in the wee hours of the morning (that has been our last few months with sickness and a young teething baby)….

Here is a recipe to make it through the last few hours of the day (when you feel like you might fall asleep standing up :) well what I find helps….

Step 1. Get out of the house!!

Step 2. Go for a drive to a place you love to be…for me this particular afternoon, it was a drive through the bush to Samford…

Step 3. Take energetic children to the PARK (such a great community space)…you might even get a few minutes rest while energetic children burn off some energy!

Step 4. Walk laps around the park and *hope* that an overtired child falls asleep!

Step 5. Smile! Wear dark sunglasses :) and the sleep deprivation will seem to subside under the big yellow sun!

Step 6. End the day with a treat! Then you will all be smiling!


Byron is seven…months that is! :)

“Hey Dad….the dummy is just a little bit too far…”

…a favourite pose by Byron…its hilarious!

I will find him with a sock in his mouth and he will be happily chewing away on it!

…we love your gorgeous smile…

…and your favourite toys are kitchen utensils! Maybe a future master chef in the making?

We love you Byron!

A favourite little song….

Jesus loves Byron this I know

For the Bible tells me so

Little ones to Him belong

They are weak but Jesus is strong

Yes! Jesus loves Byron!

Yes! Jesus loves Byron!

Yes! Jesus love Byron!

The Bible tells me so

Happy Father’s Day Dan!

It’s true! You are!

…a tie for you…

…an Octonauts artwork signed by the artist :)

…and a monster tent…

…I’m looking forward to surfing holidays camping by the beach with you and the boys!

Happy Father’s Day Dan! We love you!

Malachi 4:6

“He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their father…”