The wind…the breezy type that is…

On a particularly windy day while feeling a bit of cabin fever it was time for us to get out and walk…

…being transported in the red chariot (+kite)…

…to the park to fly Noah’s kite!

Although Noah’s kite looks dangerously close to power lines it wasn’t :), it did fly into goal posts a few times though!

…our handsome boys…

…the wind reminds me of God…how even though we can’t see the wind we can see the affects of the wind…

It takes faith to believe.


The weeks that were…

Oh….these two…so cute! They get me every time!

“Mummy! I’m going to wear my fireman helmet to church this morning!”

Early mornings and trying to keep warm!

Beautiful roses….thankyou Dan…


…a new giraffe to love…

…ready for food…

…Byron, Sel and lamby…

Our weeks have been filled with change.
To be honest I would love if time stood still for just a little while so that I could hold onto things being the same…well…even just for a little while. But life isn’t like that and time doesn’t stand still.

Even though sometimes change can seem scary with God’s help I can meet each day with His strength and perspective. With each new day I’m able to experience a day that has never been lived before…fresh with new grace from God, strength from Him to tackle the constant change that occurs and know that He holds my present and my future.

I’m grateful knowing that,

God never changes and His grace is new every morning.


Spanish Primera Season Results

Spanish Primera Season Results

The past season of the Spanish Primera was marked with the apparent superiority of the Catalan Barcelona. Ernesto Valverde’s team took the lead in the championship almost from the first round and did not let anybody doubt its superiority.

Barcelona champion title became possible due to the truly disastrous campaign of Real Madrid. The Whites spent the first half of the season badly peaking it with the home defeat : 3 from the Blue-reds. After that, the road to the champion’s title was almost free.

Despite the fact that after the New Year Real significantly improved its performance and was flashliverscor head and shoulders above the rivals at the international arena, the club failed to catch up. As a result, they got only the third place, however, Zidane’s team has another victory in the Champions League.

You can follow the progress of all the Primera division teams on Flashlivescore.ORG website. There you will find detailed analytics and proven statistics, which will allow to keep up with the events.

There is also a huge variety of championships, in particular, a detailed list of events. In addition to the Primera, a fair amount of attention is paid to EPL fixtures.

Next Season Forecasts

The Upcoming Season Will Definitely Prepare New Challenges For The Catalan Barcelona. For Example:
The team needs a serious refreshment, because many leaders are already over 30.
Real has a new head coach, Julen Lopetegui, who is expected to maximally motivate the team.
Antoine Griezmann stays in Atletico. The Frenchman decided not to move to Barcelona. Thus, he guarantees the intrigue in the Spanish championship.
These are the three teams that will cross swords for the champion’s title. Real and Barcelona won the last 5 matches of the Champions League, which once again shows the strength of the championship.

Moreover, simultaneously Atletico and Sevilla are all over the European League, so now more and more often matches for the Super Cup turn into an intra-Spanish confrontation. Or even intra-Madrid, as it will be this year.

Also, it’s worth noting the significant progress of Valencia this season: it managed to break into the Champions League for the first time in a long time.

This is a good sign that Spanish football is once again on the rise. Fans and experts are already anticipating the start of the new season, especially given the changes in the teams. Now the rivalry among the best planet organizations is going to be more interesting and exciting.