A little dutch tradition…look what the stork dropped in :)

While in Holland I loved that when a baby was born the families house was decorated with beautiful bunting, balloons, signs, storks etc to herald new life!

Upon coming home on Wednesday afternoon, I was greeted by the most gorgeous decorations sent over by my sister who is living in Holland….thankyou so much Lu! Check out her blog La Petite Lu Lu….

Rough translation – “Hooray for the new boy!”

-so much love-



In God’s perfect timing being overdue 12 days :)) Byron Daniel entered the world at 9:58am, Monday 24th January 2011!!!
After a quick birth, Dan, Noah and I were overjoyed to meet our miracle baby – and I’m praising God for this beautiful bundle of blessing from God.

Our big boy weighed in at 4.16 kg (9 pound 2), he is healthy, content and loves lots of cuddles :))
Amazingly, Noah was born on a Monday morning at 9:58am as well :)

Noah has been loving Byron and quite enjoying being the “big brother” :)

Dan and I feel very relieved to have our blessing in our arms…a little boy with God’s divine hand upon him.
Thankyou for your love and prayers and I’m looking forward to sharing more of our story in this space.

-All praise to the Father who showers us with every good gift-



If you feel like an inspiring read and beautiful photos of “where creative people live, work and play”, Spaces by Frankie Magazine is fantastic!

Afternoon Tea by Frankie Magazine has also been inspiring some baked treats in our home!


These new tunes have also been inspiring some kitchen dance moves:) A great album!


A spot of nesting…

Hmmm…the other morning the overwhelming need to sew, bake, clean and reorganise cupboards overtook me :))
Needless to say, the nesting instinct gets alot done in a short amount of time! I made Noah a new pyjama bag – I love the cute camping material!

Of course, new shorts were needed and cot sheets too – so I whipped some up:)

…and yes more baking… :))


Also enjoying…

…the colour GREEN…
Such a beautiful change from the brown of years past – thanks to all the rain the heavens have been showering our corner of the world with!



…and looking forward to being able to travel to the beach again soon and have a dip once bubs is born!!


P.S – Thanks to Hyde Park, London for the sweet GREEN photo and the ice-cream chair, Musee D’Orsay, Paris for the snap of Van Gogh’s work and the amazing Cinque Terre, Italy for giving us a wonderful time at the beach!

The week that is…

Its 2011 – no denying it and along with a new year, comes a new haircut or two….
I endeavoured to cut Noah’s hair yesterday in very hot, steamy weather and unfortunately I did a rather nasty looking haircut on Noah due to much squirming and squealing and hair sticking to Noah’s very sweaty body! So haircut round number two was when Dan got home from work: a daddy cut, in the airconditioning with a raincoat on resulted in a great looking “do” for the youngest member of the family! I have officially handed over haircutting duties to Dan!

Beautiful blooms are adorning our table….

…from my very thoughtful husband :)

….this week (maybe) our little trio will become a quartet!


A wise owl….39weeks and we are almost there!

A wise old owl with sage advice says…

…keep watching and praying and enjoying the HOT weather…
…seeing your ankles disappear into cankles :)…

…your 39 weeks old little bubba…
…we can’t wait to meet you…
“Daddy, who makes tummy’s go flat once the baby comes out of mummy’s tummy??” asked Noah.

…we will keep trusting, surrendering and praising you amazing God for your goodness to our family…