And then there were three….Mad dogs that is :)

A little project….that has multiplied! I wanted to sew Noah a Mad dog pooch for Christmas…then it was his birthday…still no Mad dog…then Easter and then on a sunny Saturday morning Mad dog and his siblings entered the world!!

Noah has named his new pooch Fen…

Fen has already been on a few adventures…a trip to church on Sunday and a few rides in the car but mostly he liked to be carried around. According to Noah, “Fen’s favourite thing to do is to sniff for worms….” in the garden that is! :)


  1. says

    They sure are cute! Noah is very blessed to have such a creative Mummy!
    He sure is growing up in the picture – my boys would love to go worm searching with him – they’re into bugs & things at the moment!
    Have a lovely evening
    Renata :)

  2. says

    Aw, those are so cute and the photo of Noah with the “dog” is great too. Looks like he’s having a wonderful time with his new “pets” :-) Joyful

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