What to wear to dinner??

Sometimes its hard to decide what to wear to dinner….

…like should I get really dressed up and wear a full suit or just go a little more casual and wear my cape?

….wearing a cape was a good option….the Sushi Train was a casual dining experience :)

…now what’s for dessert?

The beach…part 2

Every good weekend at the beach involves surfing…

Riding the waves…

Noah and I chilling at our campsite…

-Funny Memories from our camping trip-
1. We were eating breakfast at a cafe and a man walks past wearing a bandana and Noah says,
“Look Mummy!! A pirate!!”
I don’t think the “pirate” man woke up that morning and thought to himself, “What look do I want to go for today? Pirate? Yes, this bandana will do nicely…now where is my eye patch and my hook hand?”
2. We flattened the car battery inflating the air bed :)
3. I packed our camping gear for the trip and was quite pleased with myself :) Only to realise as we bunked down for the night that I forgot a warm blanket and it was freezing!
4. It was about 8.30pm and we were eating fish and chips at a deserted fish’n’chip shop and a Beyonce song came on the radio and Noah jumped up grooving and said
“Mummy, dance with me, dance with me Mummy!!” I couldn’t resist :)

The beach…part 1

Dan, Noah and I spent the last two days camping at the beach…
Such a fantastic, relaxing time…and to be at the beach all day is what I call pure bliss :)
Above is a photo of Dan and Noah checking out the surf :)

…beautiful golden light…

…yummy pizza on the beach…

Dust, Wind and more dust!

Unbeknowns to me the crazy hot weather of yesterday morning was bringing in a dust storm!
It created quite alot of excited in our house yesterday! Noah, my friend Kylie and I were closed up in the house as the orange clouds and crazy winds brought in the dust…

Kylie and Noah enjoying a meterological phenomenon!!

Goodbye spring…hello crazy weather!

It was 8am in the morning and the weather was HOT!!
Without wasting any time Noah was out swimming in the wading pool.
With this early onset to warmer weather…I eagerly await days at the beach, surfing, having lots of reasons to eat ice-cream day and night, wearing summer dresses and finding cool spots to escape the heat :)

While I was walking…

Since slowly gaining energy the last few weeks…I have wanted to do some walking…something I really love to do…
At the beginning I only had enough energy to walk to the letterbox…but the last week I have been walking around the block.
I love being out in the fresh air and seeing all the different houses, flowers, birds, gardens, walking and talking with God…
I also love when I get to have a chat with someone on the street that is in their garden.
Its amazing the things that you learn when you hear someone’s story.
Above is a photo of the sun setting…while I was walking :)

These are some flowers growing in an older ladies garden who tends her garden so beautifully.
She has been living in our street for over fifty years.

As I walk past this tree it reminds me of how strong God is on behalf of His children…

This little flier I found discarded by the side of the footpath….as I was walking.
It really is so sweet to trust in Jesus.


I’m a big fan of a treat! Surprise treats are the best – like the beautiful roses above that Dan surprised me with the other afternoon :)

Noah is also a big fan of a “treat” along with Dan and I. The other afternoon we went out for a treat with Noah…he packed his bag and was “ready to go to get a special treat!”

Ice-cream treats are always a favourite…

Along with time with my precious ones :)

Grandma’s farm…

A few months ago when Dan, Noah and I were in Holland we went to visit the farm where my grandmother Theodora was born and grew up. Our wonderful dutch family Theo and Dini took us to visit this special place which is no longer a working farm as it waits to be demolished to become a sand and gravel mine :(

The farm is in a tiny little place called Wieken, close to the German border.

The skies around the farm were vast and blue and made me wonder what it would have been like all those years ago to live under these skies.

The farm and the area around it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The air was crisp and the atmosphere was quiet and peaceful. I thank God for this farm as its produce sustained my father’s family during the tough years of the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

In the springtime…part 2

Our day of simple doings continued with a promise of building a cubby after an afternoon nap….
To my surprise Noah woke up after his nap saying, “Make a cubby?”

Finding dandelions :)

Noah made a mud pit of his “garden” and enjoyed jumping and rolling in the mud :)

Our day of simple doings ended with showing Dan, the “Grandad John” Noah had made (with a bit of help!) and the essential accessory for Grandad John is his mower!

“Do not despise the days of small things…”

In the springtime…part 1

I love days full of simple doings… where there is no rush to be anywhere and the day is mine to enjoy with no expectations.
Tuesday was like this for me this week….I had a little more energy than I have had for the past little while so I couldn’t wait to make some things with Noah.
The first stop was to use up the browning bananas on the bench and make them into banana bread.

The next stop in my day of simple doings was to help Noah construct an aeroplane…

With a very jolly pilot :)

Our next stop was to enjoy some banana bread…