Things that are bringing me joy this week…

After a very quiet week getting over sickness and resting…and rainy, cold days…I am reminded of some things that have brought alot of of joy this week…including Noah’s relentless love of mowing! After a slight break in the rain Noah was back out in the backyard with his gumboots on to finish up a mowing job he had started!

The beautiful rainbow that graced the skies this week…reminding me that God keeps all His promises…

…my beginning attempts of more knitting…this time I am trying to knit Noah a jumper…I’m not sure what I have done but it is a teeny-tiny size :)

….this box I found at the op shop is so beautiful and has been bringing lots of joy as each little scroll of paper has a promise from the Bible on it…there are even little tweezers to pull each promise out…
Here is today’s promise:
John 14:27
Jesus…”My peace I give unto you…Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid..”


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    I’m not sure how you do it Martine?! It would take a LOT of refocussing for me to find joy during a cold, rainy, sick week. I think that Bible verse holds a clue though!

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    I hope Noah continues his love of mowing when he’s a teenager!!LOL
    I love that box you found full of bible verses – what a treasure!
    I’d love to catch up when I come up in August!

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    Hi Sharolyn!
    Yep they are kitchen utensils that I found at an op shop – I hung them up for a music making wall – lots of noise and fun!! The noise did set the neighbourhood dogs barking :))

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