And there was light…

I love that in the light everything is clearer, crisper and more vivid….
My Dad popped in with these colourful helium balloons…
The colours were beautiful…
I love that the colours that our eyes perceive are refracted light…that there is a realm of colours that the human eye cannot take in…
God is pretty amazing at creating beauty and colour is one of my favourite things!

Yesterday, we enjoyed an afternoon tea in the backyard with my sisters to farewell Lu’s lovely friend Sarah who is shifting overseas.

Noah enjoyed hanging out with one of his favourite cousins!

Then the balloon was farewelled as we watched it fly up, up, up…to the moon :)

“Let there be light,” and there was light…God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness…
Genesis 1:3-4

Volcano Chocolate Birthday Cakes….

Noah and I had fun this morning making lovely Katherine a belated birthday cake!

I discovered following the instructions on a packet mix is pretty important…like waiting till the cake has cooled down before putting the icing on…the cake was very yummy and resembled an erupting volcano of melting chocolate icing and sprinkles :)

Happy belated birthday Katherine!

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And there was dancing….more Medieval Festival Love

Beautiful gypsy dancing….

Somehow I “volunteered” to take part in a folk dance.
I was thinking “Sure, I’ll give it a go…I don’t mind a good bush dance…”
Well unbeknowns to me (I’m in the middle holding the up straw hat with the sticks!) that I had volunteered myself for the “fertility” dance…It was pretty hilarious…particularly when the dancers started to dive through my legs and the bagpiper danced around doing a jig!

To top it off I was carried off by the dancers…while I was desperately trying to not drop the hat!!

Medieval Craftiness…

Ahh…the felting was beautiful (thanks mum for buying me the red felt heart!)…

The medieval weaving was beautiful to watch and they made some lovely clothes….

My Dad John had a stall as “John The Wittler”…

Horn carving….more medieval fest photos to come!

Medieval Love….

Yesterday, Dan, Noah and I went to the local Medieval Festival. It is such a fantastic experience…there is so much beauty and attention to detail to the medieval period…I love it!! The tents were pitched ….

The armour was carefully laid out for battle later in the day…

The archers bows and arrows were ready for any attacking groups…

The tournament had begun!

Things that are bringing me joy this week…

After a very quiet week getting over sickness and resting…and rainy, cold days…I am reminded of some things that have brought alot of of joy this week…including Noah’s relentless love of mowing! After a slight break in the rain Noah was back out in the backyard with his gumboots on to finish up a mowing job he had started!

The beautiful rainbow that graced the skies this week…reminding me that God keeps all His promises…

…my beginning attempts of more knitting…this time I am trying to knit Noah a jumper…I’m not sure what I have done but it is a teeny-tiny size :)

….this box I found at the op shop is so beautiful and has been bringing lots of joy as each little scroll of paper has a promise from the Bible on it…there are even little tweezers to pull each promise out…
Here is today’s promise:
John 14:27
Jesus…”My peace I give unto you…Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid..”

Antiek Treasures

When I was in the Netherlands we went to a wonderful village called Zaan Shaanze…

It had a great antique store…with many wonderful treasures….sadly my bag just wasn’t big enough to bring it all home with me!

I particularly liked the well worn antique clogs…

…and this lovely blue pair has made their way home with me…

“How beautiful are the feet that come bringing good news…”

All in a morning…

I went to a really inspiring market on Saturday morning…all the stallholders were etsy sellers. There were many creations to admire, adore and get inspiration from…

Noah quite enjoyed the market but he loved chewing on his tiny hummer…

We spotted some sky writing…”Marry Me…”

“LeeLee?? Lurlene?? Laelee?? LoeLee??”
Hopefully the maiden who was getting proposed to recognised their name!