My new favourite book…

Ahhh….my new favourite book…Meet Me at Mikes: 26 Crafty Projects and Things to Make by Pip Lincolne
(check out:
This book has great projects from all different bloggers, with patterns and easy to follow steps…
Its just perfect for a beginner sewer like me :)

My first project is the Super-Cute Tote, “make this bag and carry it cheerily through a daisy-filled park while humming Sunny Side of the Street…..” (Lincolne, 2009:74)

The bag pieces are all cut out and ready to sew…I’m looking forward to carrying this bag cheerily through a daisy-filled park!

Where has the sun gone?

Today I am dreaming of a sunnier day….the sun has disappeared behind the clouds – come back sun!
But its great weather to do some knitting and I have started knitted a vest for Noah….I can’t wait to finish it!
Time to rug up under a warm blanket and drink a nice cup of tea:)

Things I love in Winter…

Enjoying hot chocolates…with plenty of whipped cream and a side of ginger cake :)

…the beautiful blue sky…

…reading books in the sunshine…

….sharing poffertjes with my favourite people seems to make everything seem a little warmer!
What do you like to do in winter to warm up your spirit?

Garage Sale Love

On Saturday Dan and I were going for a bike-riding date and we rode to a garage sale that had a great trampoline going for only $20!!
We have wanted to buy Noah a trampoline for ages so it was a perfect buy! I love garage sales! Getting the trampoline home on an old mattress on the roof was hilarious – especially the looks from the fellow drivers as we drove very slowly home!
It reminds of how God always provides all that we need and sometimes gives us extra special gifts that blow us away…
Noah is loving this gift :)
James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above…

Enjoying the sun like the Amsterdamers!

While we were staying in Amsterdam if there was a ray of sun the locals were out on the canals bringing out their couches, beanbags and like the photo above even the kitchen table outside to enjoy the beautiful sunlight…

Since we arrived back home the weather has turned quite cold for Queensland, especially inside!
So today Noah, Dan and I each brought out our favourite chairs into the front yard to enjoy the sunshine and the warmth!

Thankyou for the great tip Amsterdamers – we will be taking our furniture outside a lot more now! :)

Jetlag…and beautiful flowers

We arrived home from our wonderful holiday a few days ago now…slowly but surely the fog of mixed up days and nights of jetlag is beginning to rise…I thought I would share some photos of flowers I took in the Netherlands on my dad’s cousins Theo’s farm :)

This lavendar smelt amazing!

A beautiful flower to brighten your day!