Lunch with Madam Murat

There is a fantastic book by Australian author Mary Moody, called “Lunch with Madam Murat”.
It is a book which tells the story of a provincial family run restaurant that began over a hundred years ago in the kitchen….back then a leafy branch was hung over the door of the kitchen to welcome travellers and hungry farmers to the kitchen for a meal….the day we went to the tiny and remote village of Pomerade in the Lot Valley the smell of a homecooked meal and the laughter of French families welcomed us in….

The highlight was meeting Madam Murat herself -such a humble, gifted and hardworking woman.

Here is Noah chowing down a duck leg! The meal took over three hours and six courses later Noah was still sitting in the high chair!
Lunch at Madam Murat’s was so special…thankyou Madam Murat.

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