Our Autumn Table

The weather lately has really started to feel like Autumn….beautiful sunshiny days and cool mornings and nights. Noah and I discovered the “big stick” and pine cone on our adventures the other day….it has brought some of Autumn inside.

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven….He has made everything beautiful in its own time…”Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11

Clickety Clack

Many years ago my grandmother Lily taught me how to knit on her front verandah while I was staying with her on holidays. I was given some beautiful knitting needles at Colour conference in Sydney and I was inspired to start knitting. Well – I have been clickety clacking day and night the last few days and I have made a mammoth red scarf! It was inspired by the main character in the French film Hunting and Gathering who wears the most amazing red scarf most of the movie! Now I have my very own! It has been keeping me warm in early in the morning as I have been knitting!

Finally I have finished knitting it – and now I’m knitting Dan a scarf for Europe :)

The Rainbow

A few days ago Noah and I were in the garden and we were blessed with the most beautiful sight – a beautiful bright rainbow!

It stayed in the sky for ages and Noah and were joyfully singing our “Rainbow” song that we have been learning at Kids Church. People were driving and walking past and I was trying to point it out…but many seemed oblivious to beauty right above us….
Its such a joy to see a rainbow…its not an everyday beauty that I see…
The rainbow reminds me of God and His beauty and faithfulness.

“The rainbow in the sky to show God’s promises are true…
The rainbow’s in the sky to show the way…
He is the only way for your everyday!”

High Societea

My lovely friend Kaylene was up from Tasmania and she took me out to high tea.
Every girl needs a pretty frock to dine in…..

some shoes to adorn her feet with….

There was AMAZING food…

its fun being a lady!

Up in the air I fly….

In a week and a half Dan, Noah and I are flying off to Europe!
This week has been tying up all the last details of our trip…
We just heard back from some relatives in the Netherlands who we are going to stay with…
I can’t wait to meet them. They live on a farm near the German border and will take us to my grandmothers family farm. The produce from the farm sustained my father and his family during the second world war…I am really looking forward to physically being in that place that has so much history from the generations that came before.
The painting above hangs on my parents wall….

…so does this one…..

….these were some of my grandma’s kitchen containers from the Netherlands….kind of random but really its these familiar kitchen utensils that hold so much history. The countdown to take off begins!!

A beautiful day for a wedding….

Last Friday Dan’s brother Josh got married to his love of 9 years Ang!!

Dan was one of the groomsmen….and we all enjoyed getting dressed up for the big event!

It was a perfect day – and the bride was beautiful and we were all cheering for them.

Happy days!

My Easter Table…

The other afternoon Noah, my lovely friend Kylie and I spent some time painting and dying eggs….

I had a bit of a pastel theme in mind but the end product looks a little more jungle themed….
We had lots of fun getting paint all over us- particularly Noah!!

This little birdy is looking after the eggs….