Where I blog!

The lovely ladies at Mondo Cherry (http://mondocherry.blogspot.com) passed on the challenge to show where you blog. At the moment my favourite place to blog (when its not too hot!) is in the corner of my bedroom where I have a little desk. It is a perfect spot to escape and enjoy the inspiration of other people’s blogs and to share a little of my life.

Its perfect when there is a breeze blowing and the fan is going! :)

Painting or mowing?

We have been having particularly hot weather at the moment and Noah and I needed a little creative outlet…so at the mention of painting Noah had a paintbrush at the ready.

….there was much concentration…..

and a lot of fun…

before the painting was abandoned for the beloved mower!

I’m so glad….

I’m so glad that boys don’t usually dress in clothes like this anymore! I bought this little one piece suit for Noah as a bit of a laugh and he sure did look funny running around in it everywhere.
I wanted to transport him back to the 1950s :) Dress ups are always fun:)

A spot….

to rest and read….

sit and if you’re Noah to stand on to watch the passing bin trucks and neighbourhood mowers….

and a spot or two of colour….

On my desk at the moment…..

My very lovely secret santa gave me this little stationary ensemble for Christmas….it comes in very handy too!

This beautiful little deer is another gift from my secret santa….it peacefully watches over my desk….
“As the deer pants for the water….so my soul longs for you my God…”

Random spots…

I just wanted to capture some random beauty from around our house….

…the wheely bug…not just for kids! I have known a parent and grandparent to whiz around the house on this one!

The fridge door:) very random….

…smelling nice….:)