I stood up!!

Yesterday I spent the day at the beach and it was a really fun and magic day! My husband Dan is finishing four years of full on post grad study in the next few weeks and for a surprise his family and I bought him a Malibu surfboard to celebrate his achievement. Yesterday the board was christened in the surf. It was awesome to see Dan catching some great waves and I had my very first try at surfing!! Yay! I have always wanted to surf and Dan took me out and I stood up!! I can’t wait to have a few more lessons and hit the waves soon!

How does your garden grow?

Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and three little maids in a row….. I think that is how that rhyme goes:) My vegetable garden astounds me every time I tend it and peer at the growing seedlings. There is something very special about getting your hands dirty and turning over soil and readying it for planting. Then planting seeds and watching them fight through the soil towards the sunlight. It amazes me how with love and tender care, water and sunlight a garden does grow. We are much like this garden bed of mine, the loving tender of the Master Gardener makes our life bloom and produce much bounty to nourish others.

Pots of Colour

Spring has sprung in my garden! These beautiful pots of beautiful colour adorn my backyard reminding me each time I glance their way that joy is found in the beauty of the small, the insignificant….beauty is found in glancing at the beauty of creation which points to their Creator…..with love Martine